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Welcome to the virtual selection of unusual collection design items, PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS.

We do not claim universal knowledge about the nature of design and its evolution. But we invite you to become a witness and, possibly, a creator! We want to share a sense of the illusiveness of the impossible, the reality of the unreal. This collection of original pieces of modern design is to offer you an infinite number of hypotheses.

PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS is proof of the feasibility of the materialization of ideas, even the most unusual ones, which were embodied in astonishing yet functional interior objects. We created this platform for experimentation with design objects, ideas, materials, shapes, textures. This is a real collection of unusual objects, each of which was once just a reckless idea. The most expensive ideas are those whose implementation requires not only material resources but also courage, intuition, skill.

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Proof of the reality of the materialization of ideas

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In the virtual space of PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS


PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS is a project, located in two realities.

In the virtual space of PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS, where you are currently, you can get into the «backstage» of ideas with us: to study the Creator’s Syndrome, to discover resources and hidden secrets of materials, possibilities of technologies, new ways for communication between creativity and business.

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In the real space of PANOPTIKUM GALLERY

Kassone Individual Furniture

In the real space of PANOPTIKUM GALLERY located in Kyiv (Ukraine), you can see materialized design ideas. Each item of PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS is issued in a limited edition, accompanied by a passport and serial number. Each of these objects is undoubtedly an investment example of gallery design, the value of which is only increased by the patina of time.

Each idea embodied in the design object is a demonstration of the technological, constructive, and creative capabilities of Kassone Individual Furniture. 

Having gained a reputation capital and valuable experience in working with solid wood and metal, by experimenting with materials in the implementation of complex individual orders, Kassone Individual Furniture specialists went on a brave journey, which only the most daring researchers can decide on. After all, the creation of each new item is a very special adventure.

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We invite you to the PANOPTIKUM DESIGN


We invite you to the PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS. Unusual space, inhabited by items and objects which were born from many types and different varieties of design. The place where we give you new tools for studying reality outside and inside us, the opportunity to gain new experience via extraordinary interior objects.

We are certain that your observations will be different from the observations of others. And your personal experiment will make this experience a specially valuable acquisition.

Andrey Rudenko, Boris Pilipenko 


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