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N - Stern

A contemporary reimagining of ancient symbols and crafts of Ukraine towards ethnic minimalism is a thought direction of designer Michael Samoriz. Each of his objects is a showpiece that synthesizes traditional and contemporary worldviews in aesthetically and functionally up-to-date design objects.


Author: Michael Samoriz

first product
first product


Author: Michael Samoriz

The Stern collection (from German «Star») originates from the name of the traditional «shterno» ornament (little star or asterisk, dawn), which is intrinsic to the Hutsuls, one of the indigenous peoples of the Carpathian Mountains, located in western Ukraine.


Hutsul ornaments are characterized by the geometry of patterns created with straight, broken parallel wavy lines. They also contain simple geometrical forms: a triangle, a circle, a semicircle, a square, a rhombus. Arrangements of lines and shapes compose a variety of patterns.

The graphic basis of the collection is a simple geometric shape of a four-leaf clover, a rare variation of a three-leaf clover. It brings good luck, according to not only Hutsul beliefs.