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Mirror Floor Lamp HAY

The Ukrainian gallery Panoptikum Collections presents the mirror-torcher HAY (How Are You), designed by Kharkiv native Andriy Khvorostyanov. The designer dedicated this object to his loved one. Despite the cold metallic appearance, the mirror-torcher embodies empathy, care, and warmth, expressed by the two short words - "How Are You?" - at the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Like a metal framework, these words framed the light of tenderness and love with strength, faith, and unwavering determination.

"The object 'How Are You?' is about her, about sensitivity, about silent dialogue, about sincerity that leaves room for mystery. It's about vulnerability that gives superpowers, about flexibility and confident strength, about something complex yet precious to me," comments designer Andriy Khvorostyanov.

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Mirror Floor Lamp HAY

Mirror Floor Lamp

Author: Andriy Khvorostyanov


The object is intricately woven from aluminum wire by hand, with an embedded mirror and LED lamp radiating light inside the framework, making the piece more intimate, resembling internal experiences without overt emotions.