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Bar cabinet BreakFree by Kassone Individual Furniture

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Geological rocks and  Martian landscapes can be a portal to the new reality. 

This idea of the portal was materialized in the furniture item - Bar cabinet BreakFree, which is due to the mirror technology revealing a person to another reality. 

And the remote control - is a guide on this trip. With it, the mirror on the front of the cabinet turns into a hologram, which simultaneously serves as a picture and illumination with the effect of bright and dim light in the interior.

Bar cabinet BreakFree — is a visual-emotional breakthrough into another dimension.

It was designed for those who have the courage to make their interior extraordinary. "Our goal was to prove that it is possible: to convey emotions through utilitarian objects. And these emotions can and should be extraordinary, powerful, new, it should cultivate imagination like a dream! ” -  the designer and Kassone Individual Furniture co-founder Andriy Rudenko said. 

The facades of the Bar cabinet are enhanced with asymmetrical elements, which remind geological rocks and  fragments of Martian landscapes. 

The furniture owner can choose a hologram upon the imagination.   As well as the cabinet can  be modified from a bar cabinet to a wardrobe.

All of these together make the bar cabinet an accent object of extraordinary sculptural form and a functionality for multidimensional spaces. 

Fragment of a glacier, a crack in a coal rock or concrete: the material visually and tactilely imitates the natural texture of broken concrete or stone. The play of contrasts of pure colors and "brutal" materials  gives the object a special emotional appeal.

The Bar Cabinet is available in three colors, three different manifestations of aesthetics, each setting a new conceptual solution. These colors were chosen for a reason and have their prehistory.

Black (“coal”): The trend of “primordiality” has received a new, modern interpretation directing our associations to the prehistoric times, when the early humans were learning to ignite flame and produce their first tools, and literally struggled for their right to live on Earth.

Gray (“warm concrete”): This one is in the concept of the “emotional brutalism” trend. Modern and seemingly understandable, but still unbridled, the human mind quickly satiates and permanently seeks for a “way out”.

White (“glacier”): As if the metal frame tears its predatory fangs into the snow-white flesh of the crack in the glacier. The humans have already conquered the planet, and their influence disrupts the balance of relations with nature; the world becomes a ruthless place again.    

Білий (“льодовик”): Ніби металевий каркас встромляє свої хижі ікла в білосніжну плоть щілини льодовика. Люди вже підкорили планету, і їх вплив порушує баланс відносин з природою; світ знову стає безжальним місцем.

Product: Bar Cabinet BreakFree

Manufacturer: Kassone Individual Furniture 

Country of origin: Ukraine

Date of issue: July 2020


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