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BreakFree Collection is the total breakthrough in modern residential furniture.

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The quarantine and isolation period can be very productive. If you look for opportunities, and not count the losses.

This is exactly what happened with the Ukrainian company KASSONE Individual Furniture with the main specialization in individual luxury interior objects. It was during this period that the company managed to launch a new business - product design. The lockdown period helped them not only to come up with but also to implement the idea of ​​creating a luxury bedroom furniture collection Breakfree. Modern furniture with a rebellious mood.

Work with demanding and sophisticated clients on interior objects for more than 10 years, born the idea to fulfill all ambitious clients' dreams not only in individual interiors but as well as in individual furniture items. Each item of BreakFree Collection is issued in a numbered limited edition like a work of art.  The BreakFree collection is something in between collectible design items and accent utilitarian interior objects. BreakFree collection is designed for those who dare  to make their interior extraordinary. 

“Our goal was to prove that it is possible: to convey emotions through utilitarian objects. And these emotions can and should be extraordinary, powerful, new, it should cultivate imagination like a dream! ” — chief designer and co-founder Andriy Rudenko said. Now the collection includes DOUBLE BED, BEDSIDE TABLE, CENTRALE TABLE, CONSOLE, and VANITY TABLE, all of these items can maintain the atmosphere of wild nature domination in the residence. 



А continuous aesthetic transformation of a recreation area. The bed seems like hovering on the airy but sturdy legs that have gone from the construction industry to design.


The bedroom set can be accomplished with the bedside table. Together they create a complete interior of the sleeping area. High-quality furniture fittings make it possible to open the nightstand with one finger. Facades decorated with asymmetric milling patterns (they are not identical on the right and left curbstones). 


This furniture item holds in itself the history of relations of humans and the force of stone. Kassone Individual Furniture decided to express in a center table the idea of conquering the brute power of stone by man. The rough, ragged edge of the table on one side gives a sense of understatement in this struggle to conquer the force of nature.


Natural energy is framed in clear and strict lines of the console, creating a sense of order and tranquility. All items that you place on the console will seem to float in the air due to the transparent glass. This item can be used as well as the TV-table. 


The vanity table from the BreakFree Collection will become an accent piece of furniture in your bedroom. With this beautiful object, a new beautiful day will begin. The rough texture of the underside of the tabletop is reminiscent of glacier shards, in stark contrast to the thin metal legs. Despite the apparent massiveness, the vanity table will add lightness to your interior. 

The imagination could not be stopped, and as the culmination of it, Bar Cabinet BreakFree appeared. 

Bar cabinet BreakFree is a visual-emotional breakthrough into another dimension. Asymmetrical elements of the facades resemble fragments of natural rocks or fragments of Martian landscapes, and holographic mirrors entice "cross the border" of the emotional portal.

With the help of the remote control, with each press of the button, the mirror on the front of the cabinet turns into a hologram, which simultaneously serves as a picture and illumination with the effect of bright and dim light in the interior. All of these  in the complex become a portal to another dimension. 

The cabinet can be modified as a bar cabinet and a regular wardrobe.


On the photo (from left to right): 

Boris Pylypenko, co-founder 

Andrey Rudenko, co-founder and chief designer

IG  collection_panoptikum

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